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. >> in a few moments, former representatives patrick kennedy and jim ramstad an mental health insurance. and then the agency's impleme implementation of the dodd/frank financial regulations la uh. law. now, former representatives patrick kennedy and jim ramstad in a bill they co-sponsored in 2008 which requires most insurers to provide covere four years after the bill passed, they discuss how it's being implemented and the challenges for those seeking mental health insurance. this is an hour. >> good afternoon, and welcome to the national press club. we are the world's leading organization for journalists and are committed through our programming events such as these while fostering a free press worldwide. for more information about the national press club, please visit our website at ease visit on behalf of our members worldwide, i would like to welcome our speakers and those of you attending today's event. we welcome guests of the speakers. and if you hear applaud, members of the public are also attending so it's not necessarily a lack of journa
to see more green than usual this st. patrick's day. >> susie: long lines and lots of hype. a new apple product has gone on sale from tokyo to london to new york. the faithful lined up to buy the new ipad. how big of a deal is it? as darren gersh reports, the ipad is a big business indeed. >> reporter: just look at all these people standing in line. they've made the ipad a huge business. so huge, if it weren't part of apple, the ipad alone would be a much bigger business than amazon, maker of the kindle fire. the ipad is also more than four times bigger than p.c. maker dell. that's the conclusion of tuck finance professor anant sundaram. >> here we are talking about a product that potentially is disrupting the p.c. industry and who knows where this is all headed. >> reporter: to show you the math, we pulled out-- what else-- an ipad. professor sundaram figures the average profit on an ipad at $153. if apple stays on track to sell 60 million ipads this year, that will bring in profit of $9.2 billion. now, take that $9.2 billion and multiply it by apple's 15 price/earnings ratio-- a measu
at the tidal basin. it was crowded with visitors enjoying this warm st. patrick's day. news4's darcy spencer joins us now live from the tidal base within more. hi, darcy. >> reporter: hi, chris. i don't know about you, but i can't think of a better way to celebrate st. patrick's day. are a lot of people out here at the tidal basin. it feels like a summer afternoon t is warm weather. we have got a little breeze going, tons of people out here, all, this the star of the show, these beautiful cherry blossoms, as you said, they started to bloom. now getting the peak right, that is a little bit tricky. national park service initially predicted around march 24 to 391st. the new prediction is for the peak blume to start on tower tuesday and last through friday, the blooming already started. we can thank a mild winter for this early start and people are out here trying to get a sneak peek. >> is a surprise that everything bloomed so early. it is beautiful. >> eager to come out this afternoon, spend a little time soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the cherry blossoms. >> i think it is wonderful and
today. it's try day friday, march 16th. tomorrow, more importantly, is st. patrick's day. >> and today we're lonely here on the set, but not today. today is different. today we have with us to celebrate members of the newark firefighters pipe and drum band. will you play a little something for us? >> bring it in. ♪ ♪ >> that was fabulous. >> you know what, a big round of applause for our firefighters. thank you so much. we're going the tell you as they're departing a little about st. paddy's day. >> don't get rid of that hat. >> they're not comfortable. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you so much. >> i went to put it on and of course it fits me very, very well. >> absolutely. >> hoda, try yours on. >> my head is bigger than yours. >> hoda, try yours on. >> mine is on! let's show you some things we may not know. i can't help it. my head is big. you know what, i have so much trouble finding hats everywhere. you know. you've been around. try mine. mine's really big. >> okay. that's rude. >> all right. so st. patrick's day as you know is tomorrow. and everyone associates st. patrick's day wi
to kick off st. patrick's day weekend. i'm eric along with kimberly guilfoyle, dana perino and greg gutfeld and bob. this is "fox new the five. president obama has gcf, golf campaign and fund raise and boy, oh, boy, has the fundraiser in chief been busy raising money. yesterday both he and the vice president were firing shots at republicans. you heard the president call conservatives flat earthers but he wasn't finished there. take a list. >> we heard these folks in the past. they probably would have agreed with one of the pioneers of the radio who said television won't last, it is a flash in the pan. but one of henry ford's advisors was quoted assaying the horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a fad. >> and at the very same moment, vice president biden was attacking the gop candidates even going so far as to call each one out by name. >> i want to tell you what is real bankruptcy. the economic theories of gingrich, santorum and romney. they are bankrupt. if you give any one of these guys the keys to the white house they will bankrupt the middle class again. >> so bob, is
. happy st. patrick's day, academy award winner actor, george clooney trades cuff learns for handcuffs. what get the actor busted. "fox & friends" starts right new. >>dave: cheers. >>alisyn: my gosh, we are all with green this morning, happy st. patrick's day. look at us. >>dave: we have cookies, flowers and because mike is here for clayton, we have fake beer. clayton would be comfortable with real beer but we are not always sure. >> the head of the beer is mums. >>dave: don't drink it! happy st. patrick's day, everyone. >>alisyn: we will take a st. patrick's day quiz to see what we know about the holiday. >>dave: an american made holiday that we celebrate far more than the irish. interesting. >> the only day of obligation here but here it is a party. >>alisyn: you nor more than you are letting on. and now the headlines because we have the fox news alert. police and civilians have been killed during twin car bombs in syria's capital this morning. according to local reports. details on the casualties have not been released. syria's news agency is calling the blast terrorist explosions a
their way back. s found them and let them trail. the president obama stopped at a b to celebrate st. patrick's day. seepeople were surprised to the president entered. president obama will meet with irish prime minister when he s to d.c. on tuesday. the president was not the only resident enjoying the holiday. the region, the irish e honoraria irish honor --on will --been honorary irish celebrated with drinking and some dancing. beautiful 75 degree weather. have been bustling with activity all day long. this holiday is not just for adults. f families enjoyed the st. patrick's day parade. where is your pot of gold? green is the official color of st. patrick's day. >> everybody is irish today. corned beef. cabbage. >> this year, it is the color is making irish eyes smile. a family friend the parade featured leprechauns on stilts men wearing kilts. >> it is different. >> the parade wrapped up with guinness. and march 17 is the biggest day of pipers. for that across midwest d.c. -- >> we have only irish here. i am 0% irish. >> washington residents enjoyed pint or two. and some wondered if today's
. patrick's day. on sunday, is in the upper 60's, mid to upper 60's. let's go to lisa. >> we have the green light on 95 between richmond and baltimore. in great shape in springfield. that is important because construction forces people to get off the beltway. we will not go into detail, e everything is out of the way. 95, beltway, 395, running .elatively smoothly travel times in our favor on the greenway, the toll road, 66 between centreville and the beltway and. trip on 270. >> on the highway at village s a car crasha person was taken to the hospital. condition.ow their >> late wednesday night on commonwealth boulevard in fairfax woman was attacked. >> violent crime. >> the 9700 block of commonwealth boulevard is the feel safeace people night. >> i often walk past here. >> but there's reason to change r habits. >> it should be up a little. stan o'clock p.m. wednesday man grabbed a 24-year- old woman from behind and pulled into if a wooded area and sexually assaulted his victim while wielding a sharp object. the suspect fled after being a noise. by >> i am shocked mostly because was so clos
, you can expect to see a lot of green on st. patrick's day, but will the sun come along with it. meteorologist tim williams has the answer in his first warning weather forecast. >>> eyewitness news saturday morning is seconds away. >>> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news this saturday, it is 601, i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. it temperatures in the 40s to 50 degree range. fog out there. just a little bit. the skies are pretty clear. we got rid of the problems from yesterday. it took us all daylong yesterday to breakaway from the cloudy conditions and later than usual to get up to the day time high, 60 degrees. lower than we hoped for, but well above our normal high and temperatures today around 50 degrees. we call it 49 at bwi marshall. 53 in washington, d.c. you get the idea. we're going up from here. our forecast for today looks like this. temperatures to 70 degrees. we have that fog in the morning. others with clouds and sun. this morning patch early clouds and mild again with areas of fog heading towards the morning. 66 degrees tomorrow and fog in the morning a
the weekend off. >> i'm kerry cavanaugh. let's look outside on this st. patrick's day with john collins. >> a lot of activities going on. people are wondering, do i have to bundle up? i don't have a heavy green winter coat. you won't need it today. just a light-weight jacket. in fact, it will almost be short will have sleeved weather during the day. we do have clear skies overhead in the city. there is a little haze in the atmosphere. we see the moon and the stars out here this morning. the farther south you go, there are a few clouds. there is fog this morning. areas of dense fog. rain activity pushed way down near the mouth of the chesapeake bay. so that's not going to be an issue today. then if you consider the temperature an issue, well, it is a good one because we will be mild again. forecast details ahead. >> our big story this morning, a plea deal for a former city police officer who admitted dealing herp. >> officer daniel redd will like 20 years in prison for selling heroin out of a police parking lot. >> officer redd, although he was a police officer, he was an armed drug deal
'll look at the forecast coming up. >> san francisco shares its irish pride on this st. patrick's day. parades, spirits and safety checkpoints to make sure people don't get out of hand. sergio quintana has all things irish. >> reporter: you know, tonight i am where some st. patrick's day celebrations might be coming to a pretty sobering end. this field sobriety checkpoint set up by the police is one of the few set up rained -- around the bay area. the aim to keep streets safe this holiday weekend. raising a point to cheer st. pat. as much a part of st. patrick's day as the color green and the irish flag. >> i'm half irish. >> the best way to ring in st. patrick's day is with a wade, and with this holiday on a weekend, made for a seemingly loosen forcele of the open container laws but for the most part the celebrations with spirits and brews, stuck to the pubs and this financial district alleyfest host bid the irish bank bar. >> how is the day going in. >> a drunkfest here. >> here is where people packed in to s
for st. patrick's day. >> good morning. a nice start with the exception on this accident just past the fort mchenry toll plaza that does involve a tractor-trailer. be careful as you come out of the tolls. 55 on the north side. a nice start on the west side all the way down to 95 on the south side. 70 looking good to and from the beltway. 10 minutes to go southbound on 95 to 32. five minutes from the merge down to the fort mchenry. look at quick live traffic. 95 at the fort mchenry toll. all confined to the right shoulder. this is the north side at york road. very light volume so far on the entire beltway. enjoy it this quiet ride. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> police locate a bullet in of not putting an end to an amber alert. police say that wuilbert garcia and his mother were located. the mother is now in custody and islbert isn't good health -- in good health. some changes are coming to the baltimore county police force. >> jennifer franciotti joins us live with the details on the charges. >> they are calling this one of the most profound changes in the history of th
the spotlight in the humanitarian issue. >>> a potentially dangerous weekend. >> this year st. patrick's day falls on a saturday. and for some, the celebrations have already begun. jane watrel joins us live from a dui checkpoint in fort washington. >> reporter: already prince george's county police have given several field sobriety tests to drivers that they've pulled over from this dui checkpoint. it's all part of a pre-st. patrick's day crackdown. too much wearing of the green can lead to flashing red and blue lights. in fairfax county last st. patrick's day, there were 14 dwi arrests with 22 other alcohol-related arrests. statewide in virginia, 28 st. patrick's day accidents resulted in one dead and 15 injured. startling numbers that have prompted agencies like prince george's county police to set up checkpoints on the highway. >> we're out here to ensure their safety, make sure they arrive home safely. >> reporter: still st. patrick's day preps are in full swing. at pat troy's ireland's own, 100 pounds of corned beef brisk et are being readied for the day. with 1200 revellers expected fo
to doing the morning show. we're getting a jump on st. patrick's day. joining us in the kitchen is sabrina campbell. occasionally cake is the name of your place. if you're a person who normally celebrates st. patrick's day and have a good time, maybe you think of having a beer, some green beer, some corn beef and cabbage. but if you're like me and married into an irish family, you understand it really can come to a whole new left. that's why we're celebrating with a little bit of cake. you can do a seven-course meal on st. patrick's day if you're in an irish family. tell us about your cake. >> we have a bailey's cake. i'm using a tip 21, a star tip. i'm using regular butter cream. >> it's the silver thing. >> yes, on the end of the squeezy thing, absolutely. it's also called a star tip. you can manipulate it in a nice swirl and you get these rosettes looking icing patches. when you cover the entire cake with it, it starts to look really beautiful. what you can also do, this is nondistant -- fondant similar to play dough. this is your rolling pin. you're going to roll that. >> mold it on th
. patrick's day at a pub in washington d.c.. his ancestral cousin was there for the festivities. at the white house, the main fountain was green in honor of the holiday. workers are preparing for a visit from the irish prime minister. >> it would not be st. patrick's day without the chicago river going green. this is the 50th year a group of people got together to die the river green. it is really orange but it turns green once it hits the water. i was not sure i would wear these glasses on the air. a neighbor who is irish gave these to me but ryan is completely void of all st. patrick's day at tire so i figured somebody had to represent. >> i did drink some green tea before we went on the air. we will be coming cold tonight, temperatures are already down in the '40's. then we look for things to finally cleared out. the rain is mostly ending, gusty winds will take their place out of the northwest and it looks for the potential in the north bay for more rain in the middle of the week. high-definition doppler radar shows activity moving out of the bay area. there is still snow on
of green as you. hundreds of participants gathered for the to the the 12th st. patrick's day parade. parade gore's gathered for the annual celebration of the community's irish heritage. >> we love it. they are awesome. they do a great job. >> organizers handed out toys to children. the parade started in 2006, but was canceled in recent years due to bad weather. of course, that was not an issue this year. people gathered where it all began in ireland to watch today's st. patrick's day parade. it included marching bands from washington state and north carolina. some americans even made the trip to watch the festivities. >> we are here visiting, having a good time, seeing the city. we love the people here. >> dublin is also posting a four-day st. patrick's day festival with live performances and amusement park rides. we will introduce you to a champion after the break. a special celebration for one of the state of the most beloved animals. hundreds of random cheerleaders battle it out for a spot on the squad. who made the cut? >> a change in the weather patterns. mild temperatures again. the f
st. patrick's day. we're talking about george clooney. friday he used his power to get attention about the violence in sudan. we'll hear why he says his arrest was worth it. >> and then there are videos that make the rounds on youtube. this one is being called the cinnamon challenge. it's a dare that involves trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. it sounds like fun but there are serious warnings about it. why anyone would want to try it, i'm not sure. >> it looks awful. >>> then we're going to check in on the trial of a wealthy florida tycoon. he adopted his girlfriend to protect his weltd. during testimony this week he was painted as a rich reckless drunk who left a man to dry but what defense lays say is to blame might surprise you. >>> and then the titanic, the most famous ship wreck in history. we'll show you some of the incredible treasure that is now up for auction. >>> we want to begin with the soldier going on a shooting spree in afghanistan, killing 16 civilians. he's back in the united states this morning. nbc's john yang is outside the ft. levin worth facility in k
are reporting record attendance for st. patrick's day celebrations. police are patrolling to make that it is a state holiday for everyone. emily schmidt is live in on what isith more happening. some people wait all year for this night to roll around. now they find they have to wait longer to celebrate. look that behind me. there is a line to get in at been this and it has about the past 12 hours celebration like f work and a lot o of a look of the irish. >> was up, man. i have one guinness and one blue moon. the beer distributors says he he ever demand than imagined. o'connell's almost ran out of guinness. the truck was tied up all the way up king street. i ran to case on a hand truck all the way down the street. >> everyone is having a good time. the holiday and the weekend aligned as aer beautiful a takeover. gaithersburg, families lined the annualks to see st. patrick's day parade. everyone is irish today. is partdent obama his great- thanks to great-great grandfather grew emigrated several years ago. >> they're having a good time .nd nobody seems to mind people who actually y
. if you're out and about st. patrick's day, windy, cold and showery. >> celebrate responsibly. drive responsibly, the earlier sigalert cleared. unusual slowing for a friday. show down to 680 and the walnut creek interchange. slower drive down the east shore freeway. no big deal there. it's across the bay, disabled vehicle has cleared. the upper deck has fencing. prepare for someone to remove that. 880 past the coliseum. slippery conditions as well. >> thank you. for the latest traffic and news updates check out facebook. ♪ [ male announcer ] aggressive new styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the new c-class, with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. the c-class starts at just $34,800. >>> how'd you like to be on a plane when that happens? it's a lightning strike and there is a good chance you already have been. coming up, we'll take you to a lab where they are creating lightning in a bottle to make sure planes stay safe in the sky. that's a dramatic image. inside studio 1a at 7:30 on a friday morning, march
penney. >> we have a big pre-st. patrick's day crowd out here. what's your name? >> victoria. >> sweet 16? >> close. >> happy birthday. let's check it out for you. we're we are looking at temperatures way above normal. look at this. 38 above in bismarck. st. paul, 33. amarillo, texas, 22 degrees with a high today of 77. 77 in denver. as you look, we have more heavy rain in and mountain snow. northern california into the pacific northwest. showers in the northeast. slight risk of strong storms, same for texas into oklahoma. plenty of sunshine along the southeastern atlantic coast. record highs in the plains to the upper mississippi rivers valley. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. tom kierein in storm center 4. big change overnight. temperatures dropped 30 degrees from yesterday afternoon. and we are seeing a patch of green there as a pew sprinkles in northern montgomery and southern frederick county. far western maryland, northern west virginia as well. otherwise got low clouds behind and fog this morning. temperatures are chilly. we are just near 50 degre
with tire chain laws in effect on interstate - 50. coming up ♪ >> it just so happens to be st. patrick's day and and north beach they are still celebrating with cool temperatures. upper 40's/low 50's with wet weather. the worst of the green is finally over. still dealing with more tonight the finally that worst of that-rain with strong winds behind that system. some of those wind are over 40 m.p.h. and temperatures all are also in the 40's vallejo, fremont, checking in at 49. this rainfall has moved out but we do have the chance for showers for tonight and tomorrow. they will be isolated hit/miss the blue is representative of the snowfall. a winter weather advisory is in effect until 11:00 a.m. showing the snowfall totals from now until monday morning with perhaps an additional one-feet at higher elevations. and even snow levels of around 2,000 ft.. the heaviest tonight/tomorrow. the bay area will be looking at rain and we could even see snowfall in the bay area feet of 1,500 ft.. notice things pretty quiet on the future cast on the overnight will be hit/m iss even hell with the unstable air
. patrick's day parade tomorrow on 5th avenue. but we've got some of them with us this morning. that's just fine with us. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker. ann is taking a couple of days off. we have weather here today that isn't in keeping with what we have had for a couple of days. we have nothing to complain about. >> i'll complain. it's a little drizzly now. just is saying. >> especially, i was saying, if you consider what happened in southeastern michigan overnight. >> oh! >> they had a line of storms come through. this is unusually for this time of year. >> in this county it's the earliest they have had a tornado since 1950. so we are talking it was unusually warm. the conditions were right. it was really tough. >> now i feel terrible. >> you had no way of knowing. it's only right here on the script. >> right. also, let's change the subject. >> we should have done that five seconds ago. store credit cards. whether you're buying furniture or electronics, the cashier usually ask asks if you want to save 10% to 20% to open a credit card. we'll tell you about the ri
>> rick: happy st. patrick's day. i almost said thanksgiving. >> arthel: i heard you. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. feeling the pain at the pump? politicians better pay attention we look at gas prices on the campaign trail. >> rick: folks lining up for apple's latest gadget. is one of the world's most valuable companies starting to lose some of its luster? >> arthel: hoping for a rainbow instead of more rain this st. patrick's day or thanksgiving as flood waters threaten landmarks at more than 100-years-old. >> rick: we start with this, we are learning more about the u.s. soldier suspected of the shooting massacre last weekend in afghanistan. staff sergeant robert bales awaiting prison in kansas. friends and neighbors say they know bales as a family man. the 38-year-old is seconded of walking off his base and shooting 16 afghan civilians as they slept. case see stegall is live with the latest. >> reporter: we are talking about a highly decorated soldier. top military officials say this soldier received 21 various medals and other awards in his 11 year
. patrick's day. st. patrick's day, this year, went off pretty well. friday night, we got rained out. the weather was such that a whole lot of nothing -- the streets are usually close from about 5:00 until 10:00 or 10:30. we had the streets back open at 6:45. the rain made a huge impact on friday night on the celebrations around the city. saturday night, it was much busier. with weather and everything else, the venues around the city that i talked to, everybody was busy, but no one was at capacity. st. patrick's day was a little bit flat. the contributing factor was the weather. some problems, but nothing to support major. -- super major. shocking, shocking. we had nothing out of the ordinary or extraordinary beyond what we expected. moving on, in the sheet you have in your binders, only one citation was issued. that was for the rocket room. municipal code 22 and 63. no notices of violations were issued. as far as instance of violence, not a lot has happened in the last few weeks. we are looking at some complaints and permit violations at the seller. we are continuing to look at the
. patrick's day to wind up 20 degrees warmer than usual. for the month of march, we are running 10 degrees above average. you can see on our satellite rare combination most of the northeastern u.s. is cloud-free. there is some rain off to the mountains to the west and south. some big storms are developing in the mississippi valley. for the moment, we are all clear. all clear as far as temperatures are concerned in big storms. as far as fog and clouds, we will talk about that with the insta-weather-plus forecast in a moment. it is absolutely beautiful outside. temperatures around 70. we are at the in our harbor enjoying the weather and st. patrick's day. >> i got the perfect gig. call it a lot of the irish, you could not ask for better weather on this st. patrick's day, especially for those that enjoy some of the day's activities. which is sea of green at the 2012 dunkdalk parade. parade goers wearing green. the parade is a celebration of the town's irish heritage heard >> we love it. they do a great job. celebrated.the zsoo polar bears and got to enjoy it green chunks of ice. the kids got
. the rock and roll marathon in d.c. the circus is in town. tomorrow is st. patrick's day. horace holmes is live with the better we can madness. >> metro says they are locked in as far as track work is concerned. it was scheduled and the contractors are in place. for a lot of people this comes at a very bad weekend. >> larry duke is in from north carolina to celebrate st. patrick's day and run in the marathon. they do not have a car. when they heard of all the work going on slowing down metro tamara -- >> i do not think that is wise. is a busy weekend. a lot of people have to get a route. you cannot drive around. >> the track work will the fact all lines except the yellow line. on the red line the shady grove station will be closed. a >> i will have times this weekend where i will be stuck thinking about how i will get around. >> why this weekend? i have a lot to do this weekend. >> on the orange line they will use a single track between east falls church and west falls church. all this comes at a very busy weekend with the marathon closing down roads, thousands coming downtown to see th
in the st. patrick's day race. after the race, the annual st. patrick's day parade it took place on constitution avenue. a cool start for the runners but it did warm-up and those temperatures are going to keep climbing this week. steve rudin expecting to be a popular man this week. >> beautiful outside. the sun will set at 7:15. not so bad. evening temperatures around 55- 65 degrees. we will see a slow cool down as we move through the evening hours. in terms of what we are going to see as we move through the overnight, or temperatures will eventually fall into the 30's and 40's. 63 at dulles airport, 62 at reagan national. morning temperatures will be in the 30's to lower to middle 40's. we have a big warm up on the way. could be flirting with the 80 degree mark. i will tell you when it. >> still to come on abc 7 news, a metro driver is under review for not letting up passenger off to go to the bathroom. i will tell you all about it in a moment. >> it's too late to preorder the new ipad but there is hope of getting the new template. >> tiger woo [ beep ] [ man ] you have one ne
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. >>> let's look outside our own window. golf, lacrosse, batting practice, pushing strollers, saint patrick's day. did we get it all in? here is more with your first forecast tonight. lauren. >> you're right jamie it is getting shoved off the calendar. you know spring is right around the corner, the official start of spring which is march 19th. we're starting to see spring bloom here in the baltimore area. it will feel more like may weather through the workweek. 63 was the high in baltimore and the capital. 66 degrees, it was a warm one. they were at 104 apparently. it was a really hot one right there. no, temperatures there 64 degrees. our radar just a little bit off right now, but it was a warm day, nonetheless. hopefully, you got to enjoy it and if you didn't, there will be plenty of time for that. this evening 50 degrees, a calm night out there, very, very mild evening. those winds a little breezy today, but they will subside as we go throughout the overnight hours. we have a little rain in the forecast. we'll show you that on the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> that is a prank
from lighting up. >> irish eyes can be smiling on retailers on st. patrick's day. what they are expecting to make. shoes? [ ellen, thinking ] $6.99, $9.99. what's with the 99? has it always been this way? ♪ cheerio my fair lady, pray tell the price of this fine hat. it's 14 pounds 99 pence. okay so 15 pounds. 14 pounds 99 pence. are you trying to trick me? ♪ nooooo... so 15 pounds? ♪ >>> people under 18 are picking up the smoking habit. kid smoking is the focus of a new surgeon general report. sherrie johnson has details. >> reporter: a new report from the surgeon general says tobacco companies advertisinpro influence young adults and adolescents to start smoking. the report stopped short of saying that tobacco companies have definitely changed packaging in ways that increase appeal among young people. studies show steady decline in youth smoking has actually slowed in recent years. the nine-page report also highlights the tobacco control program could play a role in preventing youth smoking. in 2011 only two states funded prevention programs. the report also say
patrick moynih moynihan, who was influential in the nixon administration was always trying to sell nixon on comprehensive policies for the cities, for the environment, something of a hierarchyian but the ethos was central to the national environmental policy act, senator henry jackson's bill but also the epa interested in managing the total environment and the epa as well a vehicle that would prevent sort of the capture of any particular, by any particular industry, right, of the administration or the regulatory agency because it oversaw the whole thing. and in a strange way, it appealed to nixon, and here's a president who really didn't have as much of an ideological core as others and kind of found this systems thinking very appealing and in many ways fueled his grandiose and dare i say kennedy-esque rhetoric on environmental matters. when you hear about him talk about the environment the soaring rhetoric, all the more confusing when soon thereafter, even before the 1970 midterm elections the republicans take a bath, nixon sours on the environment, not getting off political bang for th
is going green today. up next a look how san francisco celebrates st. patrick's day. >>> blown to bits in just seconds, as we were just talking about. a look at the tornado strikes. and we have some gray skies out there, and spotty showers. when are we going to get a >> they're painting the town green in san francisco. the annual parade started at second and market street, up market and ended at civic center plaza where the festivities just wrapped up at 5:00. the parade featured more than 100 flootz, dance groups and marching band, this theme was irish san francisco, past, present and future, this is the 61st year of the parade that is the largest celebration of irish history and culture on the west coast. >>> several bay area cities will have roving dui patrols to make sure revelers are celebrating responsible my. both local and state police are taking part. last st. patrick's day, three pipe died and 96 others were killed in california by impaired drivers. to discourage people from drinking and drive, aaa is offering free rides from 6:00 tonight to 6:00 tomorrow morning. a tow truck
to d.c., and we ran in a race, the st. patrick's day 8k down in d.c., just to kind of commemorate an activity that jana enjoyed. >> jana's parents were too upset to come but they september this arrangement. >> my parents and my brother and family stayed in the houston area, had a service there. >> reporter: some of jana's friends brought flowers, too. >> i want people to see that she loved who she was, loved who she symbolized. >> reporter: the small gathering was meant to honor the young woman. >> everybody in there was full of life and celebrating jana's life. >> reporter: coworker brittany norwood was convicted of murdering jana and trying to cover up the fact by claiming the pair had been sexually assaulted by two masked men. >> all of the events are so etched in our minds, you started to overlook that, and that's important because with pain comes release. >> reporter: folks who placed these beautiful orchids and balloons and flowers say they did it to honor the beautiful life. in bethesda, arrest man do you trial, 9news now. >> brittany norwood is serving a life sentence for
a nonbinding caucus right now. the missouri delegates wind be selected until june. >> on st. patrick's day everybody is irish, especially in san francisco. >> woo-hoo. >> for the 161st time the city held the st. patrick's day parade. the cold weather and threat of rain kept the fans low. >>> in i-land, the city of dublin was awash with green and lots of fun. st. patrick is the patron saint of hireland where today is a holiday. it is the most widely celebrated saints day in the world in dublin, an estimated half million people gathered to watch the annual parade. >>> he has done it again. made me home town proud. joey chess nuss -- chestnut had another eating win, this time the corn beefed eating championship in palm beach gardens, florida, his third straight victory and he popped his own record. he ate 20 half-pound corned beach sandwiches in ten minutes. last year, he only ate a measly 14 and a half. that's a lot. >> leigh: that is a lot. actually had a little with of sunshine, and today the st. patrick's day parade in san francisco. every year it's the top county, -- topic, is it going t
in this election. reporter: from the now famous sweater vest to the st. patrick's day pint, santorum continues to captivate blue collar conservatives. he pledged to clean up what he called america's pornography pandemic. today, he told voters in illinois he'd win the nomination if they give him a win in tuesday's primary. for his part, mitt romney sought to stoke his campaign with a high energy swing through puerto rico. in the wake of primary losses this week in the deep south to santorum. >> we came here to speak. we learned more by listening. >> reporter: in courting the vote ahead of the primary on sunday, romney invoked a familiar theme, u.s. statehood which puerto ricans will consider this fall. >> it was ronald reagan who very famously said that it was important for people of puerto rico to have a choice to become a state, and if -- and if -- [ cheers and applause ] if the people of puerto rico choose that path, i will be happy to help lead that effort in washington. >> reporter: but before leaving this afternoon -- >> this is my birthday present. >> reporter: -- he committed to a birth
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